I’m Carla Carrot

Hello I’m Carla Carrot,

I’m so excited that my book has been published. It’s all about a day when I couldn’t answer one question. It kept going round and round in my head like a buzzing bee – “What will I be? What will I be?”. I was driving my brother Peter Parsnip and my friend Sanghita Spring Onion crazy, they had never seen me looking so puzzled. A special invitation to the Grand Opening of Seed City Museum changed my tune and stopped the buzzing in my head.

What will I be? starring Carla Carrot Available to order…

“A Win-Win Postal Treat!” says Shakshuka

The (Not So Secret) Seed Society

As a child, I was always obsessed with the mail: boxes, letters, magazines, catalogs: the whole lot. I secretly had a crush on the postman, and loved loved loved the look of the UPS man coming in his flat brown shorts. Nothing bad ever came in the mail when I was young! As an adult, times have changed and bills fall like rain from the postbox now and I long for those carefree-mail days…. Continue reading

Chrissie Cress Arrives in Eden

All of us at Secret Seed Society HQ love the Eden Project and are excited that our first pack, starring Chrissie Cress, has been welcomed on to their shop shelves. The Eden Project has regenerated an old clay mine to create a huge global garden where you can experience the English Country Garden and the Rainforest in the same day.

As well as being a lot of fun it is a world-class centre for education and scientific research into the vital relationship between plants, people and resources. Like us, the Eden Project team do this by celebrating the simple pleasures of life – enjoying tasty food, encouraging the discovery of the great outdoors and exploring our imagination. We’ll be heading to Eden for their reading festival in September – watch this space. Eden is an incredible place to spend a day, everyday is different, check out what’s on!

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