Flipping all year long

Today is Pancake Day! Also called Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday if you take part in Lent. It’s traditionally a day to eat up all sorts of yummy things in your house that you are promising not to eat during Lent, like chocolate. It’s a long month if you’re giving up your junkiest habit so first of all you need to eat a shed-load of pancakes.

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Sophie Grigson helped by aspiring young chef.

Sophie Grigson is a great supporter of encouraging young children to cook. She demonstrates how to make wonderful tasty dishes with the freshest ingredients and her young helpers can not resist a taste. She shows how easy it is to involve your family in the cooking process and how this will encourage children to eat a wide variety of foods and to understand where their food comes from.

Tom helps Sophie whisk up an Italian Cake

Sophie Grigson encouraging children to get cooking.

Here she is with a young helper at the local food show in Northampton.

Gardening Mission: How to Make a Cloche

One of the most important things to remember when you are gardening is to make sure that your plants are well looked after and protected.  There are lots of things that can effect how well your plants grow – cold weather, frost, heavy rain and even bugs!  The more you can do to prevent your plants being damaged the better.

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Great Fruit & Vegetable Gifts for Kids

Secret Seed Society Shop has a collection of original, ethical and educational presents to be enjoyed by children and grown-ups together. The fruit & vegetable characters from the stories are loveable. From Rudi Radish to PC Pea Pod, every fruit and vegetable has a different story to tell and by collecting the storybooks you meet over 40 different characters. Each storybook comes with a packet of seeds to grow the lead character on your windowsill or in your garden. Kids love being part of a club and helping out, by being a ‘Seed Agent’ of the Secret Seed Society kids learn how to enjoy gardening and cooking fruit & vegetables.

Gardening & cooking

Chrissie Cress’ or Mingo Mungbean’s Story & Seed Pack.
I recommend either of these packs for a super speedy, indoor growing adventure.
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