‘a minor miracle….turned gardening into something kids can understand’ says The Ecologist

The star of 'A Frisbee to Fly'

Read my story in 'A Frisbee to Fly' then grow me for my special pizza

Rio Rocket, star of the latest Storybook in the Seed City series wins praise from The Ecologist:

Wonderful illustrations, an entertaining story and a free packet of rocket seeds make Rio Rocket’s adventures an enjoyable way to introduce kids to green issues

First there were the Wombles cleaning up Wimbledon Common and generally making the world a nicer place to be. Then came Captain Planet, who used the power of water, fire and (rather naffly) heart to dispatch an array of scary-faced, planet polluting baddies. The Wombles tended to unleash your inner tree-hugger while Captain Planet inspired more direct action but either way, both were great at raising awareness of the environment among children. Now there’s a newcomer on the scene: Rio Rocket.
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