Intuitive Cooking with Leftovers

At Secret Seed Society we Love Food Hate Waste and we want to help children to cook with what they have got. This is why our recipes are less prescriptive and more open ended, more about enjoying tastes and trying new ones than buying ready prepared food.

So I was very excited today in Sainsbury’s to find a great ‘Free Gift’ a Love Your Leftovers wheel. This is fun and gives you some great ideas when you just can not think what to do with all those bits in your fridge. Also you can win £100 shopping voucher. Between now and 23rd February submit your ‘leftover’ recipe to the competition on the Food and Drink page and you could be a winner.

This competition with Sainsbury’s has now ended, but check out their website to see the winning ideas and more on how to use your leftovers.

Great Group Discount for schools and clubs

We offer our Story & Seed packs to schools and other groups at a discounted price of £3.00 (RRP £5.00) + postage. Minimum quantity is 20 but these can be mixed titles. They provide a great resource for clubs. They are also a good way to carry on the learning at home. The stories and characters from Seed City capture the interest of the reader and encourage playfulness and creative thinking. The seeds and growing instructions guide children to succeed in growing their own food and the recipes are designed to enable children to cook a variety of tasty meals.

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