Mingo Mung’s : Hows and whys of sprouting seeds

Hey! I’m Mingo Mung Bean the speediest sprout in Seed City! Mung Beans are ready to eat in just 3 days, let me share with you some of the hows and whys of sprouting beans and seeds.

You can make your own sprouting jar with a jam jar conversion kit – a piece of net and a rubber band.  The book The Mighty Messenger starring me, Mingo Mung comes with Mung Beans, the jam jar conversion kit, instructions and a recipe.
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March Seed Agents of the Month: St James Church of England School

Hello! Did your school do something for World Book Day last Friday?

We went to a school in Bermondsey called St James where they like books so much they decided to turn World Book Day into a whole Book Week!

The teachers had invited Secret Seed Society to come and run a fun vegetable workshop for their year 2 class. They had asked us because we make books, and because it was Book Week.

We arrived in our veg-hats and after a tour of the school we met everyone and read through Chrissie Cress’s No Hens in the Pen together.

After reading the story we all talked about it and shared our opinions, particularly on the characters of Chrissie Cress and Peter Parsnip.

And then everybody had their own go at creating a veg character, using a piece of seasonal veg: either a potato, cabbage leaf or carrot.

When we make the Seed City stories we do a lot of imaginative thinking to create the vegetable characters who you read about.

St James Year 2 Class are our Seed Agents of the Month because of their brilliant work making their own veg-characters.

Everybody at St James is excellent at making things because they do a lot of projects together. Secret Seed Society felt right at home in such a creative place.

Each veg-character had its own name and portrait, and a lot of imagination went into designing their personality and whatnot.

So here are a couple of pictures of two Year 2 veg-stars showing us their characters.

Everyone came up with a brilliant character even if they were working with a vegetable they didn’t eat very often.
Great work Year 2!


If this sounds like fun and you’d like Secret Seed Society to come to your school, click here…