Flipping all year long

Today is Pancake Day! Also called Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday if you take part in Lent. It’s traditionally a day to eat up all sorts of yummy things in your house that you are promising not to eat during Lent, like chocolate. It’s a long month if you’re giving up your junkiest habit so first of all you need to eat a shed-load of pancakes.

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Celebrations at the Watercress Festival!

It’s that time of year again – a day full of everything cress-like and boy does that let you in for a peppery treat!  It’s the annual Watercress Festival!

Not only are there food stalls and numerous cookery demonstrations there is the chance to have a tour round a real watercress farm and have your photo taken with one of the falcons that help protect the cress from any unwanted visitors.

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MISSION: Cooking tips for the Eggless

If you can’t find any eggs, or are allergic to them, here are Chrissie’s top tips for cooking without eggs.

“Hi hi! I’ve looked all over the place but can’t find my eggs anywhere… I’ll have to find something else to use instead. Eggs are used in cooking for lots of things, like making the other ingredients stick together, and making things fluffy. But there are also other ingredients that can be used instead of eggs.

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