Easter Already? Avoid Chocolate With Unique Children’s Gifts.

We all understand the importance of providing a well balanced diet for our children on a daily basis. Yet, when it comes to Easter, birthdays and other special occasions it is inevitable that they will be bought chocolate, sweets and treats.  As this Easter approaches, how about leaving the treats to friends and family, and instead purchase one of the unique children’s gifts that will keep kids occupied for weeks, not just Easter Sunday.

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Activity Books To Get Children Creative In The Kitchen

With spring on the way and Easter barely behind us, there are now even more reasons to join the Secret Seed Society in its quest for healthy, happy kids. But after a long winter, it can be difficult to come up with fun, nourishing activities for when the sun does finally put his hat on. The Secret Seed Society’s range of activity books for children are an excellent way of getting the little ones active and engaged, while also providing good, wholesome meals with which to get creative.

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Seed City Winning Writer Announced!


For all of you that entered the onion story competition, we have an update. Apologies for delaying the news this long, but as we all know, you don’t want to boil the pan till you know you’ve grown something to cook.

Here’s the news…

In the end, we didn’t pick a winning story, we picked a winning author. Congratulations to Emily Capstick. She is an experienced storyteller and has helped us turn her original onion story into a wonderful tale of a curious and clever carrot. The story is now in development and we hope to be able to start sending them out in late April! Continue reading

Great Group Discount for schools and clubs

We offer our Story & Seed packs to schools and other groups at a discounted price of £3.00 (RRP £5.00) + postage. Minimum quantity is 20 but these can be mixed titles. They provide a great resource for clubs. They are also a good way to carry on the learning at home. The stories and characters from Seed City capture the interest of the reader and encourage playfulness and creative thinking. The seeds and growing instructions guide children to succeed in growing their own food and the recipes are designed to enable children to cook a variety of tasty meals.

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